Websites i've made

Websites i've made

Partial list of websites built by me in the past (for me and others ;-)

Hagay Tech

Consulting services in the information & technology areas. Business flows and performance optimizations, POC design and development.

Simple & Clean

Your Product's Architecture is planned carefully with HagayTech! - Think and Plan Before. Investigate Current state and limitations, bottlenecks, and the wanted/ideal state. Now Innovate to make it! - Solutions - Implement with care for users, performance, clear APIs and simple flows. - with a Smile...

Hagay Onn - SW Solutions Architect

Hagay-Tech Information Center led by Hagay Onn, expert Solutions-Architect, is here for public information about Hagay Onn, his resume and past projects.

TopKir - Home improvement, cast nische, construction and more...

אנחנו בטופקיר מבצעים במקצועיות את כל עבודות הגבס: תקרות גבס, קרניזים, מזנונים ונישות מגבס בכל הצבעים והצורות שתרצו שירות מקצועי, אמין ואיכותי We in topkir are doing all cast work, nische, cielings and walls. Every texture and color you would like.

תענוג - הפקות אוכל

תענוג קייטרינג מהסרטים - פרסום,הפקות,טלויזיה,ארועים פרטיים